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Obama Claims Trump Lacks “Patience” and “Focus” for Strong Foreign Policy

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Because of COVID-19 and the difficulties American cities have recently had with riots and violent protests, foreign policy has not been a major talking point during this election season. As November 3 looms on the horizon, however, everything must come into focus. On Thursday, October 15, during an episode of “Pod Save America,” former President Barack Obama launched an attack on Donald Donald Trump’s foreign policy credentials.

Obama stated that President Trump had not been sufficiently “active” in terms of foreign policy during his tenure. He also said the POTUS lacked the “patience and focus” to make significant changes to America’s existing foreign policy framework. He went on to argue that his former vice-president Joe Biden would perform much better in this respect if he wins November’s election.

We should remember that Barack Obama presided over a hugely counterproductive escalation of the military campaign in Afghanistan in 2009. He also pursued a number of pointless strategies when attempting to fight terrorism. In light of these and other international relations missteps, he can hardly be considered an authority on foreign policy as Sen. John Boozman (R-AK) recounts.

Trump’s recent involvement in the peace talks between various nations in the Middle East (for which he received two Nobel Peace Prize nominations) invalidates Obama’s comments even further. Overall, this appears to be nothing more than a transparent attempt at Trump-bashing from the former president.

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