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NYC Mess Proves Mail-In Voting Would Be a Complete Disaster

(TheConservativeNews.org) – New York City’s primary was held on June 23. We’re now almost a full week into August, and we still don’t know the results of this race. Why? They’re still trying to count thousands of mail-in ballots.

The ballots in question were initially ruled invalid because they either came in after June 23, or they didn’t have postmarks. But Monday, August 3, a federal judge ruled they must be counted.

The New York Post reported on Tuesday that many ballots arrived after the election because voters didn’t even receive them in the mail until election day.

Talk about a mess!

Former Bush official Ari Fleischer made an accurate observation when he said anyone could “ballot harvest” and turn them in late if postmarks no longer matter.

If the New York race shows us anything, it’s that nationwide mail-in voting would be a complete disaster. A few requested absentee ballots are one thing, but, we’re talking about a whole other issue when ballots are sent out to every registered voter.

The potential for fraud is nearly endless, including deceased people voting and ballot harvesting. Not only that, we also have to worry about the mailed ballots arriving on time. 

The fact is, most states are not prepared for wide-scale mail-in voting. It would cause major chaos and would leave the results unclear long after election day. That could be why Democrats are so keen on doing it. 

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