North Korea’s Satellite Images Unveil Disturbing Find

North Korea's Satellite Images Unveil Disturbing Find

( – North Korea’s nuclear program has long been a worry for military and foreign policy experts here in the US. Despite former President Donald Trump’s success in fostering stronger relations with leader Kim Jong-un during his term, the Communist nation is still regarded as a potential threat.

On Monday, March 3, CNN published satellite images of a new structure at a nuclear facility in Yongdoktong, North Korea. According to experts, the new buildings are designed to cover two entrances to underground tunnels through which nuclear weapons are transported. This is worrying, as it indicates North Korea is undertaking nuclear development efforts it wishes to keep secret. 

Despite America’s desire to see North Korea denuclearize completely, most analysts feel this will never come to pass.

This development comes at a time when Joe Biden’s administration is already under pressure to come forward with a coherent strategy in relation to North Korea. Officials will, no doubt, be keeping a close eye on this and any other similar projects which are undertaken in the region. 

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