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North Korean Man Extradited by US Authorities

( – Relations between the US and North Korea lie on uncertain ground. Former President Donald Trump had unprecedented success in fostering positive relations with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Since Joe Biden took office, however, the volatile Asian nation has threatened to resume missile testing, a move that would display clear hostility toward Washington, DC.

This week, history was made when a North Korean citizen was extradited to the US for the first time ever, which could further damage relations. 

On Saturday, March 20, it emerged that Mun Chol Myong was in US custody in Washington, DC on money laundering and conspiracy charges. 

Mun lived in Malaysia prior to the US government’s request of his extradition. He was arrested in 2019. During his trial, Mun’s representation argued that the accusations leveled against him were politically motivated, but a Malaysian court rejected this assertion. 

North Korea has cut diplomatic ties with Malaysia following this extradition. The event is also likely to negatively affect relations between Pyongyang and Washington, DC, particularly in the context of the ongoing tensions around North Korea’s nuclear program.

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