Wednesday, December 7, 2022

NJ Attempts to Right Mail-In Voter Fraud

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( – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans will vote by mail in the upcoming November election. The problem, of course, is that mail-in voting is a prime opportunity for fraud. Democrats may be trying to dismiss this danger to our democracy, but the courts don’t agree.

On Wednesday, August 19, Judge Ernest Caposela ordered a redo for a local election in New Jersey held earlier this year. The election was mostly conducted through mail-in voting, and it was marred by accusations of criminal misconduct. The judge said Alex Mendez, the winner of a city council seat in Paterson, was being charged with voter fraud.

Mendez won the special election that was held on May 12. But, he didn’t get to celebrate for too long.

They Tried to Cheat and Got Caught

Shortly after the election, an investigation was opened into the results. The US Postal Service (USPS) told the New Jersey attorney general’s office that it found hundreds of mail-in ballots in a Paterson mailbox. They found a bundle of even more in the borough of Haledon. Overall, they ended up throwing out over 800 votes.

William McKoy is the candidate who ran against Mendez. He was successful at getting a court injunction to keep Mendez from being sworn in.

So far, four different people have been charged with voter fraud, including Mendez and Michael Jackson, the Paterson council vice president.

The do-over election will be held in November.

Trump Speaks Out

President Donald Trump has been very vocal about his opposition to mail-in voting. He has often cited the Paterson fiasco as evidence of the inherent fraud potential involved with mail-in voting.

For his part, New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, has tried to downplay the suspected fraud. Apparently, he still sees no problems with voting by mail. On Friday, August 14, Murphy told voters they had a higher probability of being struck by lightning than they do finding any voter fraud.

Murphy didn’t stop there, either. He announced that all registered voters in New Jersey (around 6.2 million people) will receive ballots automatically in the mail. What could possibly go wrong?

Trump’s campaign has already filed a lawsuit against the state over this action. However, if this sort of behavior is allowed to continue, who knows what could happen in the general election.

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