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NFL Star Accused by Dozens of Women

( – A raft of highly-respected public figures have been accused of sexual misconduct ever since the #MeToo movement exploded onto the world stage in 2017. Individuals from the worlds of politics, film, music, and other widely visible industries have been outed. The most recent bombshell of this nature has come from a beloved professional sport. 

On Tuesday, March 16, a masseuse came forward to accuse Houston Texans quarterback DeShaun Watson of sexual misconduct. In the intervening days, another 23 women have voiced similar allegations against the football player.

Watson has been accused of inappropriate touching, harassment, and forced oral sex. A number of the women who have spoken out are massage therapists who worked with the quarterback. A total of 14 lawsuits are now in motion.

Fellow NFL star Roddy White came to Watson’s defense on Twitter, saying what was alleged was “impossible” and claiming “everybody want[s] to get paid.” White was widely ridiculed for his stance by other Twitter users.

Watson himself has dismissed the claims against him as “baseless.” He claims he’s “never treated any woman with anything other than the utmost respect.”

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