New York Woman Facing 25 Years in Prison for Replica Guns

New York Woman Facing 25 Years in Prison for Replica Guns

( – The Second Amendment protects our right to bear arms. However, states and local authorities reserve the power to limit this constitutional freedom in various ways. In many cases, these limitations result in ridiculous overreaches by governments and law enforcement operatives. On Wednesday, December 15, The Blaze released a report about a weapons charge that, since it was initially handed down in 2019, has increasingly veered toward ridiculous. 

In December 2019, NYPD officers raided the home of Elizaveta Zlatkis and found 22 weapons. However, since Zlatkis was charged with first-degree criminal possession of a weapon (a crime with a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison), it came to light that 21 of the 22 guns were replicas of various kinds. The remaining weapon was without a trigger, handgrip, and other crucial components, rendering it incapable of firing rounds. Despite this, Zlatkis is still being charged with the crime.

Despite the fact none of the weapons were real, functional firearms, it seems they may be close enough to the relevant legal requirements for the charges against Zlatkis to hold up.

It’s not yet clear how this case will pan out, as the Queens DA appears intent on seeing it through to the end. However, if justice prevails, Zlatkis will be able to leave this episode in her past sooner rather than later.

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