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New Suicide Victim In The Epstein Saga…

Ever since the charges against Jeffrey Epstein came down, people associated with him have been dropping off. Some just from the public eye, others completely from their life in general. With the first trial of Ghislaine Maxwell completed, many are left with questions. Most commonly asked is about her lists of his clients, friends, and associates who visited Epstein’s famed Little St. James private island.

Considering the lack of media access to the trial, the number of high profile people who stepped down from their posts in the wake of her conviction, and the number of career politicians who have remained largely silent about the case, there is a lot left to investigate. Somehow, this keeps being brushed under the rug by the mainstream media. It’s as if there is nothing to gain and everything to lose in their minds by being transparent. Yet, for the young girls who were victimized at the hands of Maxwell and Epstein, time is of the essence.

So when another of the big players drops dead while in custody, there is a lot of things to be concerned about. Jean-Luc Brunel was a former modeling agent who was also referred to as Epstein’s pimp. He had hung himself in his cell by his bedsheets. As a report in Daily Mail stated “His death in an alleged hanging will fuel conspiracy theories around the Epstein affair after the financier also died in prison while awaiting trial in what authorities concluded was a hanging.”

The problem is, this isn’t so much of a conspiracy when people start dropping like flies by suicide. Considering Brunel had been indicted on rape charges in December 2020 as well as September 2021, his victims now get no justice, and his victims through Epstein lose their justice as well. With the number of big names connected to two notorious pedophiles, no trial because they committed suicide… in jail with guards and a security system that mysteriously “malfunctioned” people know something is up.

When someone dies in prison, there is always an investigation. In the Epstein case, there was little to no investigation because, miraculously, nobody saw anything. Naturally of course, so far the Brunel suicide investigation is yielding the same results, with no expectation of improvement. At least one anonymous source spoke up about this death to The Daily Mail.

The source claimed “There is an investigation going on to confirm all this, but at the moment it looks like he killed himself alone, and it was a routine patrol that found his body hanging. There were no obvious fears for the prisoner’s health, and he was not on a suicide watch, having already been in prison for many months.” The source went on to allege that he was being kept in a part of the jail with no cameras, but that is contradictory to initial official reports.

No matter his location at the time of his death and the cameras, the lack of answers, in this case, is troublesome as it is. When they aren’t ensuring they stay alive long enough to face the music and testify about other people who could have been a part of the problem, it’s a big issue. With the allegations against people like Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Prince Andrew, and former President Donald Trump, the American people, and the globe as a whole, deserves answers.

Until the prisons and the legal teams responsible for securing convictions begin to take their jobs more seriously and they keep the prisoners safe, we will have a total lack of answers to what happened here. The victims deserve justice, the pedophiles deserve prison, and given the status of many of the attackers, the American people deserve to see them taken to a proper trial. With any luck, the Maxwell case will be naming names in the coming weeks. Unless she has a camera slip, too, that is.


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