Wednesday, December 7, 2022

New Evidence Shows Biden Knew About Hunter’s Ukraine Dealings

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( – One of the main Republican talking points during this election season has been the questionable relationship between the Biden family and Ukrainian government officials. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, served as a director of Burisma Holdings, an energy company, while Joe was vice-president. Despite suspicions of wrongdoing, Joe Biden has repeatedly insisted his son’s position never had any bearing on his political activities.

On Wednesday, October 14, however, news broke which rocked the credibility of the Bidens’ claims on this matter. 

Leaked emails reveal Joe and Hunter Biden met with a Burisma executive in Washington, DC, in 2015. This is despite Biden Sr. claiming to have no involvement in his son’s business dealings. In a 2014 email, the same executive asked Hunter Biden whether he could “use [his] influence” to benefit the company.

This material originated from a laptop an anonymous party dropped off in a computer repair store in Delaware, but never collected. It contains a huge quantity of data, including a video featuring someone resembling Hunter Biden taking hard drugs and engaging in a sex act. Analysts have been unable to confirm the identity of the individual in the footage.

Social media users have noted that platforms have been making it difficult for users to access content concerning this issue. Some have accused the companies involved of trying to cover up the story to help the Democrats in the forthcoming election.

Until now, Joe Biden has been able to benefit from the uncertainty surrounding this situation. After this revelation, his story will have to change considerably.

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