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New Challenge on TikTok Puts Child in Danger

(TheConservativeNews.org) – The dangers of social media for children are well known at this stage. For several years, parents have been warned about cyberbullying and other predatory activities that can take place on social networks. Recently, video platform TikTok has played host to a new type of risk for young people. 

On Sunday, May 23, the Daily Mail posted a report about a new TikTok trend that has left one 11-year-old boy in England fighting for his life. Ellis Tripp became ill after he swallowed a number of “Magneto Balls,” small magnetic balls commonly found in children’s toy boxes. 

Ellis’ family and medical team believe he may have swallowed the balls while partaking in a TikTok trend that involves users pretending to have a tongue piercing by placing a ball on either side of their tongues. His grandmother claims surgeons had treated four other young people with a similar ailment that week. 

If your children use TikTok, make them aware of this story and warn them not to partake in this trend, or any other social media trend that could put them in danger.

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