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New Bill Targets Illegal Migrant Workers

( – The crisis on our southwest border is beginning to have ramifications for states across the country. While unprecedented numbers of migrants are ending up in detention facilities, there are also plenty making it into the United States undetected. One of the favorite destinations for these individuals at the moment is Florida; according to state Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R), 70% of new illegal immigrants are ending up in the Sunshine State. 

To address this problem, Sabatini has introduced a new piece of legislation that would require all entrants to Florida to prove legal citizenship before getting a job.

Florida currently has a similar law in place, but it only applies to government employment. Sabatini’s proposal would impose the same requirements for private businesses, too. 

This new set of rules would offer much-needed protection for American workers in the state of Florida. In May of this year, the state decided to stop paying unemployed people the Biden administration’s $300 benefit supplement in an effort to address the labor shortage issue currently devastating the nation. Most GOP-run states have taken this step. Of course, it will count for little if jobs are being filled by illegal immigrants rather than Americans.

Once again, Florida’s government has proven to be a step ahead of the rest when it comes to counteracting the Biden administration’s damaging policies.

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