Nancy Pelosi’s Visit to a Hair Salon Exposes Liberals’ Hypocrisy


News broke yesterday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited a hair salon without wearing a mask during the coronavirus pandemic.  This is quite the egregious offense yet the liberal media does not seem interested in highlighting Pelosi’s hypocrisy.  Though some mainstream news outlets touched on the story yesterday, they probably won’t continue to expose Pelosi’s wrongdoing in the days ahead.

Pelosi Violated Ordinances

Make no question about it.  Pelosi’s visit to the San Francisco hair salon was in direct violation of ordinances passed to halt the spread of the coronavirus.  In fact, Pelosi even went as far as describing herself as a chief enforcer of the ordinances.  The fact that Pelosi is in her 80s makes her refusal to wear a mask all the more hypocritical considering the fact that she harped on the elderly’s vulnerability to COVID-19.   

In other words, Pelosi is nothing but a hypocrite.  She expects the masses to do as she says rather than follow in her own footsteps.  The bottom line is Pelosi put her own vanity above the safety of her fellow Californians and even her own health.

Pelosi Attempts to Dismiss the Accusation of Negligence

Pelosi argues the owner of the hair salon set her up.  She claims the hair salon was willing to take one customer at a time.  Furthermore, Pelosi insists she was not wearing a mask as her hair was being washed at the hair salon.  However, video footage shows a maskless Pelosi entering the hair salon and interacting with staff sans a mask prior to her hair treatment.  In other words, Pelosi was not set up in the slightest.  Rather, she was tended to by hair care specialists looking to make money when business was slow during a pandemic. 

There is absolutely no excuse for Pelosi’s actions.  She could have easily contracted the virus during her hair care appointment and spread it to the entirety of Congress.  This action fits the definition of negligence – a legal term meaning the failure to provide due care to those in one’s vicinity.  It is awfully concerning to know a grossly negligent 80-year-old is the Speaker of the House and third in line for the Presidency.  Let’s hope Americans vote the Democrats out of office in the next election so the likes of Pelosi can no longer put our great nation at risk.