Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Military Leader Predicts “Robot Soldiers” Will Be Threat of the Future (REPORT)

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(TheConservativeNews.org) – Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming an important part of many industries. Some commentators have even speculated it might take over large numbers of human jobs. Those who drive trucks, for example, might be replaced by machines in the relatively near future.

Some may not have considered the part AI has to play in military operations. However, it does have a role, and it’s one that’s set to expand massively in the future, according to British Gen. Nick Carter. 

On Sunday, November 8, Carter (who is the head of Britain’s armed forces) appeared on Sky News to discuss the future of combat. He speculated that as much as 25% of Britain’s military could be made up of autonomous machines by the 2030s.

Referring to various political tensions across the world, Carter also explored the possibility of a third world war.

As artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated, it will be interesting to look at the impact it has on military operations. However, we should all pray the innovations Gen. Carter is discussing never become necessary during our lifetimes.

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