Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Melania Trump Refuses to Stoop to the Democrats’ Level During Convention Speech

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First Lady Melania Trump is receiving stellar reviews for her capstone speech on Tuesday’s Republican National Convention.  Melania closed out the night’s lineup by taking the high road rather than resorting to the low blows common amongst Democrats.  Melania described her time at the convention as “precious”, using every last second to artfully detail the merits of the Trump campaign while sidestepping the opportunity to hurl insults against childish Democrats who attack her husband at every opportunity.

Why Melania Took the High Road

Melania spoke in a civil and eloquent manner when addressing the convention and America at large.  The First Lady pointed out that the Democrats took the low road last week during their convention, heaping on the insults and attacks against both the president as well as his family.  As Melania pointed out, such low blows merely divide the nation even more than it already is. 

The pandemic should be an opportunity to establish unity between Americans who share common ground with one another.  It is clear America is quite fragile in its current state.  Melania recognized this fragility and acted accordingly, speaking in a manner meant to unify a nation split along partisan lines.

Melania Points to President Trump’s Honesty

One of the highlights of Melania’s speech came when she noted the public always knows what President Trump is thinking.  The First Lady made this statement with a smile as Republicans are well aware of the fact that President Trump’s transparency has the potential to be both a boon and a weakness. 

Melania went on to detail how her husband will fight for America no matter how viciously he is attacked by the left.  As Melania eloquently expressed, her husband knows how to get things done.  President Trump’s decisiveness is proving quite important in the midst of the pandemic that has hit the land of the free and the home of the brave quite hard.

Melania Offers Insight Into Donald’s Character

Melania’s viewpoint is particularly important and unique as she observes the president on a daily basis.  The First Lady described her husband’s work ethic, stating the media’s negativity along with the insults from the left only fuel his fire.  This presentation of the president as a hardworking patriot is quite different than that portrayed by the media. 

As Melania stated during her speech, if President Trump is told he cannot get something done, “he just works harder.”  The First Lady’s insightful speech at the convention sets the stage for her to take on an expanded role when President Trump is re-elected this fall.

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