Media Silent as Trump Rallies Attacked (REPORT)

Media Silent as Trump Rallies Attacked (REPORT)

( – It’s no surprise when major news organizations seek out stories specifically to paint Donald Trump or his supporters in a bad light. It’s even more surprising (though, in truth, not much more shocking) when they willfully ignore the wrongdoing of those on the Left.

So it was on Saturday, November 14, as the country’s biggest media outlets turned a blind eye to the criminal activities of anti-Trump activists in Washington, DC. Peaceful Trump supporters encountered violent opposition from leftist antagonists, with police eventually forced to intervene. There were at least 20 arrests, and 2 police officers suffered injuries.

Media organizations were not the only ones to remain silent on the matter. Major political figures on the Left remained conspicuously absent from the discussion as well.

It’s frightening to think we now live in a society where acts of violence are acceptable if they’re perpetrated against Conservatives.

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