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Manhunt Launched in Major City Shooting

( – Last Saturday, May 8, news broke of a shooting incident at one of the most recognizable tourist haunts in the world: New York City’s Times Square. That’s prompted swift action from the NYPD.

Three people sustained injuries in the attack, including a four-year-old girl. Reports say between two and four men were involved in a dispute, with at least one opening fire and hitting three innocent bystanders.

A manhunt began for that shooter on Sunday. Law enforcement have released footage of the suspect, which you can see in the Twitter post below. Detectives recovered clothing matching the description of what the shooter was wearing from a public trash can.

The suspect in this case is known to police as an illegal vendor in the area. It’s believed the intended target of the shooting was his brother, though the nature of the disagreement between the pair is not clear.

This is a breaking story. We’ll bring you more details as they emerge.

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