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Man With Terrorist Connections Going to Prison

( – Since months before its official military defeat in 2018, the influence of the Islamic State (ISIS) has been in decline. However, we will likely be dealing with the fallout of the group’s activities for many years to come. One man with connections to the organization is now facing judgement.

In 2019, Edward Schimenti was convicted of “conspiring to provide material support to ISIS” after he agreed to procure phones to use as detonators for terrorist activities. He was unaware the person he was dealing with was a government informant. On Friday, April 9, Schimenti was sentenced to 13.5 years in prison.

Schimenti first came to the attention of the authorities after posting pro-ISIS content on social media. The Zion, Illinois man defended himself during his sentencing hearing by saying he wasn’t a terrorist, and that he was “a big softie.” He also asked the judge for “another chance at life.” His co-defendant, Joseph D. Jones, was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison last month on a conspiracy charge.

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