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Man Wakes Up With Rare Condition Thinking He’s Decades Younger

( – As the medical community’s understanding of mental health becomes more comprehensive, experts are starting to understand just how destructive a force stress can be. Putting yourself under too much pressure for excessively long periods can have traumatic effects on your health, bringing about scarcely believable symptoms. That’s what happened to 37-year-old Daniel Porter of Texas last year. 

Last July, Porter, then a hearing specialist, woke up in the bed he shared with his wife one morning with no recollection of the previous two decades of his life. He did not remember his spouse or the 10-year-old daughter they had together, and he didn’t recognize the “old and fat” man in the mirror.

Porter received an initial diagnosis of Transient Global Amnesia, a condition that obscures large parts of the long-term memory for a short period. However, a year after his initial memory loss, he still can’t recall much of his life since departing from high school.

Prior to his traumatic memory loss, Porter had suffered a number of seizures that doctors said were related to stress, as he had been experiencing severe financial and personal difficulties. Doctors believe this same stress is behind his ongoing memory loss.

With the support of his family and healthcare professionals, Daniel Porter is trying to rebuild his life. We can only imagine how strange and difficult a process that must be for someone in his position.

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