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Man Claims He Was Abducted by Aliens

( – UFOs and extraterrestrial beings have long been a subject of debate. Some people say there’s no such thing, while others believe they’re all too real. Claims of abduction are common in the “believer” community, but one man claims his abduction ruined his life. 

Steve Colbern described his abduction, which he said began after he discovered a UFO hovering over an avocado tree. Colbern claimed that a green beam of light lifted him into the spacecraft after he approached the object. Once aboard the UFO, Colbern alleged that the aliens took him to a medical station and instructed him to lay down. 

Colbern described a stainless steel tube with fiber optics inside that transmitted UV light with a device to inject implants into subjects. Colbern explained that the abduction experience made it harder for him to fit in with society.

According to the allegation, Colbern’s wife also had similar experiences but asserted that he believes the implant caused them to divorce. He mentioned that it was unfair of his wife to blame him but said that’s what happens and how people react. 

Colbern also lost his job after attempting to use company equipment to analyze what he believed was an implant in his arm. He claimed that the abduction opened his eyes and that he feels like a part of two different societies. The self-described abductee went on to express that it’s difficult to know his own feelings and which are from the aliens. 

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