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Man Arrested By Feds Says He’s A “Prisoner Of War” In His Own Country

(TheConservativeNews.org) – All US citizens deserve fair treatment, even when incarcerated. They have constitutional rights regardless of the crime. The January 6 incident in which Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol is still on the minds of Americans everywhere. While numerous people attended the rally, federal agents are still tracking down all the participants. 

Authorities arrested 47-year-old Jeremy Brown in his home in Tampa, FL, on September 30. Authorities suspect that Brown, a retired Green Beret, was part of the January 6 march on the capitol. Roughly 40-50 agents executed a search warrant of Brown’s home, which the former special forces operator insisted included unnecessary force. 

Though Brown says he feels like a ‘Prisoner of War’, even in his own country, he plans to defend himself against federal prosecutor allegations. He admitted to being part of the insurrection but added he wasn’t anywhere near the Capitol when word of a breach made it to him. The former Green Beret indicated he wasn’t interested in taking any plea deals and he would fight the allegations. 

The special forces veteran complimented the correction facility in Pinellas County and its staff for their fair treatment of him, noting that the military has sent him into far worse conditions. Christopher Worrell, who was also part of the January 6 incident, can’t say the same. The facility he’s at is under investigation for treating inmates poorly and potentially violating their rights.

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