Sunday, December 4, 2022

Main Stream Media And Big Tech Is Flipping Out…

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( – YouTube removed a video of incoming Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni speaking in 2019 for breaking community guidelines Wednesday.

The speech, which discussed her vision for the Brothers of Italy Party, was restored after media outlets pressed YouTube to explain the act of censorship. After review, YouTube decided the video did not break “community guidelines,” yet it is still unclear what motivated the initial removal.

“Upon careful review, we determined this video is not violative of our Community Guidelines and have reinstated it,” YouTube spokesperson Ivy Choi stated. “We enforce our policies regardless of the speaker’s political views and when it’s brought to our attention that a video has been mistakenly removed, we review the content and take appropriate action, including restoring the relevant videos or channels–as we have done with this video.”

In the speech, Meloni touched on many of the issues her party represents while also paying special attention to the importance of family. “They said it’s scandalous for people to defend the natural family founded on marriage, to want to increase the birth rate, to want to place the correct value on human life, to support freedom in education, and to say no to gender ideology,” she said.

World wide media outlets are decrying the recent election of the “far-right”, first female Prime Minister of Italy as a throwback to dangerous fascist, authoritarian, and nationalist leaders and governments. This spitfire woman made the statement, “I am a woman! I am a mother! I am Italian! I am Christian! You won’t take it from me!”

She’s campaigned under the slogan “God, country and family,” fought covid lockdowns and vax mandates, opposes mass immigration, globalism, the “LGBT lobby,” and is pro-life. I guess that makes her a fascist, according to the main stream media.

Kari Lake appeared on Tucker Carlson on Monday evening, where she told Tucker “If they’re not calling you all of these slurs, if they’re not attacking you, then you’re probably not truly representing the people of your country.”

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