Thursday, February 2, 2023

Liberals Want To Cancel Math Because It Is RACIST?!?

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( – In an article published in the USA Today, they asked whether math was racist? The article’s original headline was, “Is math racist? As many students of color struggle with the subject, schools are altering instruction — sometimes amid intense debate.” The article focuses on “bolder recommendations to make math more inclusive” that “are blowing up the world of mathematics education.”

After what was an almost immediate onslaught of negative publicity on Twitter, the title was later changed to “Is math education racist? Debate rages over changes to how US teaches the subject.” 

Conservatives called out USA Today for the substance of the article and for changing the headline. 

“Math isn’t racist… but the ‘educators’ who think it needs to be changed and made easier because some black kids struggle with it… ARE,” Washington Times columnist Tim Young tweeted. 

Portland State University professor Peter Boghossian wrote, “No, math is not racist. Major venues like @USATODAY even asking this question is a sign of cultural sickness. Racial disparities can be addressed (in part) by using the best evidence-based pedagogical practices that enable student learning. Please stop suggesting math is racist.”

“The left has become so racist they accuse everyone and everything of being racist including….math,” political commentator Kim Iversen said. 

The criticism didn’t stop with Conservatives, even some Liberals spoke out against the USA Today for their misleading take on math.

MSNBC contributor Brittany Packnett Cunningham tweeted a lengthy thread including “@USAtoday is wack for writing a headline like ‘is math racist?’ for clicks knowing they’re talking about math *instruction.* And @twitter is wack for just taking it-and lots of clickbait-at face value knowing their power. Mainstream & social media have a responsibility.”

The USA Today piece followed criticism against California’s attempts to reform math education through a social justice lens. On Monday, 597 science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals signed a letter criticizing the California Department of Education’s (CDE) proposed new mathematics framework.

“Far from being deliberately held back, all students should have the opportunity to be nurtured and challenged to fulfill their potential,” the letter said. “This is not only for their own benefit but also for society and the nation’s economic competitiveness.”

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