Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Liberal DA Says Looters Have ‘Needs’ to Consider

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( – Plastic straws. Sanctuary cities. Insane laws that favor the Left and punish the Right. California’s policymakers have a long and illustrious history of making questionable decisions; this year is no exception. But when you hear how Contra Costa DA Diane Becton expects officials to respond to looters, now, you’ll know they’ve lost the plot. 

Yes, you read that right — Becton is demanding that officers ask the thieves if they really meant it before they’re held responsible for their crimes. She feels that not everyone has malicious intent, and in some cases, looters may be driven by desperation. 

But what kind of “need” drives someone to smash a storefront and steal expensive watches, PlayStations, or high-end clothing?

Twitter user Jennifer Van Laar shared an image of the guidelines, as originally obtained by RedState, in the following tweet: 

The Contra Costa Herald also published a copy of the new regulations on its website.

Becton seems to care more about the feelings of criminals than she does for the businesses they actively seek out and destroy. And make no mistake, just because it’s a business that’s being looted doesn’t mean that real, everyday people aren’t suffering as a result. 

Not every looted location belongs to a major corporation. Small “mom and pop” shops have been targeted, too. They’re even targeting black and immigrant-owned locations without a care for how the owners will be affected. That’s the very same demographic they’re “protesting” for. 

As you might expect, Becton’s new policy isn’t sitting well with local officials. Both the Antioch Police Officers’ Association Mayor Sean Wright spoke out against the plan, calling it extremely “irresponsible” and “reckless.” 

A spokesperson for Becton noted these guidelines don’t necessarily mean that prosecutors won’t file charges. But even with this rule in place, such a law would be rife for abuse. All a criminal would have to do is claim they were desperate to get a reduced sentence. They might even get away with it scot-free. 

Instead of worrying so much about the needs of criminals, maybe Becton should think about fighting for business owners and their employees. So many can no longer make a living amidst the riots, either because of the pandemic or because they’ve been destroyed. 

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