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LA County Plans to Require New COVID 19 Mandates

( – California and other Democrat-controlled states believe mandates are the best way to stop COVID-19. The same ideology has caused parts of these states to go to extremes in their quest towards halting the spread of the virus. One such area is LA County, where officials plan to implement more COVID mandates. 

The Mandate

The new orders from LA County Health officials dictate that bars, breweries, wineries, lounges and nightclubs will need to require customers to prove they’re vaccinated before being allowed in. The mandate comes as President Joe Biden looks to force companies of 100 or more employees to mandate the COVID-19 inoculation. 

Health officials are set to issue the order on Friday September 17. From there, employees and customers alike will have until October 7 to receive the first shot and will need to be fully vaccinated by November 4. The new mandate also requests that outdoor events of 10,000 or more people require either proof of vaccination or negative test results for COVID-19, beginning on Oct 7, a requirement already in place for indoor activities featuring 1,000 or more people. 

Recommending, Not Requiring

Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer mentioned that LA County health officials are also recommending, but not requiring, proof of inoculation for the indoor portions of restaurants. LA County is the most populous in the state to mandate vaccines for certain businesses. The new requirement will impact all of LA County excluding Pasadena and Long Beach, which have stand-alone health departments. 

As of now, around 67% of LA County’s 8.8 million eligible residents have been fully vaccinated, while 76% are at least partially vaccinated. 

An Ongoing Battle

Like the rest of the United States, LA County is doing what it believes is in the best interest of the people to stop the spread of COVID-19, fueled mainly by the Delta variant. Despite the latest surge appearing to be diminishing, concerns grow as the seasons are close to changing, bringing colder weather and driving people indoors. 

The upcoming holidays are also a cause for concern among health officials as people from all over come to visit family. Director Ferrer believes that, for these reasons, the county’s decision to mandate proof of inoculation is a reasonable move, adding it will help put LA County in a better position to break the cycle of surges. 

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