Kushner Blasts Politicization of Coronavirus

Kushner Blasts Politicization of Coronavirus

(TheConservativeNews.org) – The Democratic party faced stern criticism from senior presidential adviser Jared Kushner on Sunday, September 13. Kushner highlighted the way Democrat politicians have been using COVID-19 as a political tool, leveraging the virus to score points over the Republican party as November’s election looms.

The president’s adviser was referring mainly to Joe Biden’s attacks on President Donald Trump’s management of the virus over the last few months. Despite accusing the president of fearmongering and ignoring scientific evidence, Biden has failed to offer any coherent alternative to Trump’s strategy himself.

This is not the only example of Democrats turning COVID-19 into a political showpiece. Last week, Senate Democrats blocked a Republican coronavirus relief bill that would have prevented the worst-affected small businesses in the country from going under.

The Trump administration’s response to the crisis has buoyed America’s economy at a time when excessive lockdown measures have financially crippled other countries. Make no mistake — the Democratic opposition to the current approach has nothing to do with public health, and everything to do with furthering their electoral agenda.

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