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KJP Makes Inconceivable Claim About The Fentanyl Crisis…

( – White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was confronted by a reporter about the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis and the fentanyl epidemic.

Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy, who noted cartels kill Americans with drugs, pressed Jean-Pierre as to why Biden is “so comfortable” with cartels operating close to the U.S.

Jean-Pierre responded by claiming “fentanyl at the border” is “at historic lows.”

“Because of the work that this president has done, because of what we’ve done specifically on fentanyl at the border, it’s at historic lows — historical levels that we have been able to record a number of personnel working to secure the border because of what we’ve been able to do, seizing that fentanyl. We’ve done it in a historic way. That’s because of what this president has done,” Jean-Pierre said.

But Jean-Pierre’s claims don’t add up.

In 2022 alone, authorities seized approximately 380 million lethal doses of fentanyl, which is enough to kill every person in the U.S.

Fentanyl seizures are at record highs.

Fentanyl overdose is also currently the leading cause of death among adults ages 18-45 in the U.S.

Due to Mexican cartels being emboldened to act with impunity, it appears Fentanyl deaths are continuing to skyrocket.

“Joe Biden becoming president is the best thing that ever happened to the Mexican drug cartels,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) argued on Tuesday.


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