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Kayleigh McEnany Says The WH Doesn’t Have The Facts On Their Side…

( – Kayleigh McEnany warned Joe Biden’s press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Fox News’ hit show Outnumbered over White House policies. Kayleigh pointed out that Karine’s biggest problem doing her job is trying to defend the indefensible.

Kayleigh said, “It is simply impossible to be an effective communicator on border issues in the Biden administration. Our southern border is out of control. It is undeniable.

“You talk in press and communications about whether you have a messaging problem or a facts problem and unfortunately for the press secretary, she has a massive facts problem.

“Any member of this administration, whether it’s Mayorkas saying that the border is closed.

“Whether it’s Karine Jean-Pierre addressing fentanyl as she did last week when she falsely said that fentanyl is at a historic low.

“Whatever the message is out of the White House they don’t have the facts on their side.

“Anything that they say in defense of this president on the issue of illegal immigration will be widely mocked.”

The discussion came after a video released yesterday showed over a thousand migrants trying to illegally force their way into El Paso, TX from Juarez, MX.

RNC Research shared the full clip of Jean-Pierre’s remarks and said in a viral tweet, “Karine Jean-Pierre attempted to explain the Biden administration’s non-existent border policy and it did not go well.”


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