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Kayleigh McEnany Reveals How She Made it Through Her Time as Press Secretary

( – While working as White House Press Secretary under former President Donald Trump, Kayleigh McEnany quickly distinguished herself as a capable figure. She was never afraid to call out members of the press when she felt she was receiving unfair treatment. She also gained recognition through the fiery exchanges she had with left-leaning commentators on CNN.

The tweet below is an example of how she handled that kind of stress.

McEnany is a proud conservative and family woman who isn’t afraid to speak about her faith. On Sunday, June 13, when speaking at the Turning Point USA Young Women in Leadership Summit, she discussed the question of whether she would ever lie to the American people, which was put to her before she began working with the Trump administration. She said she never would as she was a “woman of faith,” as well as a mother and someone who learned her trade at some of the “world’s hardest institutions.”

As someone so visibly connected to Trump, McEnany often attracted the derision of mainstream media commentators. Those critics were in voice again after her most recent speech, saying her claims were false. 

Of course, many of those people also maintained Donald Trump was a liar when he discussed the possibility COVID-19 had emerged from a lab. They called him a racist, and dismissed the idea as a conspiracy theory. Now that the mainstream has embraced that possibility, should we even bother listening to these biased commentators on the subject of Kayleigh McEnany?

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