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Karen Bass Running for LA Mayor

( – After weeks of speculation, the LA Mayor race just heated up. With the current mayor, Eric Garcetti, ineligible for reelection due to term limits, several people have decided to run. Karen Bass is one of the candidates. 

Bass currently serves as a US Representative and is a renowned figure in the US’ second-largest city. The Democratic lawmaker enters the race with an advantage over other candidates with her name’s recognition and support among black voters and liberals. Given the left-leaning nature of LA politics, the next mayor is sure to be a Democrat, and Bass has a good chance at winning the position. 

On September 27, Bass informed the city of Los Angeles that she is investing her entire heart in the race. She mentioned the homeless crisis, claiming it’s turning into a humanitarian crisis. Bass insisted that she has spent her entire life bringing people together, especially in times of crisis, to implement change and solve problems. 

The 67-year-old has served California in many ways. In addition to being a Representative, she also served as the California State Assembly Speaker. Bass also co-founded the Community Coalition, a non-profit organization focusing on social and economic issues in LA. 

Bass’s competition is nothing to laugh at; she’s going up against two city council members, Kevin de Léon and Joe Buscaino, real estate broker Mel Wilson, business leader Jessica Lall and LA Attorney Mike Feuer.

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