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Kamala Harris Failed to Prosecute Criminal Before He Wiped Out Entire Family

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris is a qualified lawyer, and worked as District Attorney in San Francisco before taking public office. On Wednesday, October 21, a story about one of her greatest failures in the legal arena resurfaced in the media.

In 2008, Harris’ office passed up the chance to prosecute a violent illegal alien and MS-13 member when police apprehended him for a weapons violation. Three months later, Edwin Ramos shot Tony Bologna, and his two sons Michael and Matthew, dead, believing them to be members of a rival gang. 

Harris also refused to push for the death penalty for Ramos, despite the pleas of Danielle Bologna, wife to Tony and mother to Michael and Matthew.

This incident could be a reflection of Kamala Harris’ generally lenient attitude toward immigration policy. One of the chief tenets of Harris and Joe Biden’s election campaign is a promise of amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. Along with this would come easing of restrictions for parents of Dreamers, elimination of the age cap for DACA applicants, and other relaxations on immigration policy.

The contrast between their policies and Donald Trump’s couldn’t be more stark.

Many Americans are currently living with the ramifications of months of violent protesting, as well as the economic fallout from COVID-19. The last thing this country needs right now is a vice president who’s afraid to take a tough stance on law enforcement or illegal immigration.

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