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Kamala Harris Faces Criticism Over Ridiculous Voter ID Comments

( – During last year’s election season, much was made of now-President Joe Biden’s proneness to gaffes. There was the time he called a young woman a “lying dog-faced pony soldier” on the campaign trail, and the exchange during which he called an Iowa farmer a “damn liar.” Recently, however, it’s Biden’s vice president who’s been putting her foot in her mouth. 

Kamala Harris has come under fire for making careless remarks again; this time, she suggested rural communities don’t have photocopying facilities.

On Friday, July 9, Kamala appeared on BET News discussing the possibility that people might have to send copies of their IDs under new voter laws in some areas. She said such a rule would discriminate against people without a “Kinkos [or] OfficeMax near them.” 

Brit Hume of Fox News was quick to criticize Vice President Harris for this remark. He said her comments were “politically very stupid” and sought to paint Republicans as wanting “to suppress the vote.” He admitted the issue of voter identification could be tricky, but dismissed this particular argument against it as “fragile.” He also noted the popularity of election security measures among Republican voters.

One of the reasons Trump enjoyed such popularity was his connection with ordinary people. This episode is yet another example of a failure on that front from the Biden administration.

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