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Kamala Gets Caught In A Lie…

( – Kamala Harris was interviewed by WCCO 4 News in Minnesota and she denied she appealed for donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund in 2020. There is a problem with her denial, though. Her tweet asking for donations is still up. 

During the Summer of Love in 2020, Kamala was still a senator from California. She was all-in on her support of the protests that more often than not turned into riots after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Black Lives Matter too over. When the rioters began getting arrested in Minneapolis, a fund was set up to provide bail money for them. That was the Minnesota Freedom Fund. Kamala was happy to do her part and ask for donations to the fund.

The Minnesota GOP is now reminding voters about that and Kamala is in full denial. She calls it “misinformation” except it is not. It happened and she is lying about it now that her participation is inconvenient with the November 8 elections so close. Crime is a top issue with voters and Kamala is on the wrong side of this issue.

Kamala traveled to Minnesota on Saturday to issue a call to action on abortion. She went to speak to voters about abortion though the issue has dramatically slipped from the top of concerns that voters have in the midterm election cycle. It’s not August anymore and voters are more concerned about everyday real life issues like spiking rates, inflation, high interest rates, a slowing real estate market, the price of groceries and gas, the Biden border crisis, and what their children are being taught in school. The table is set for a red wave on November 8 and Democrats are desperate, not to mention tone-deaf. While in Minnesota, Kamala also campaigned for Democrat incumbent Governor Walz. He is in a tight race for re-election.

Saturday’s stop in Minnesota — her first since becoming vice president — was the latest in a series of moderated conversations held by Harris since a U.S. Supreme Court draft decision leaked in May signaling the court’s plans to overturn Roe v. Wade. The ruling kicked the issue of abortion access back to individual states and thrust it into the middle of a contentious campaign.

“We are seeing an intentional restriction of rights. What is that saying about the trajectory and the direction of our country?” Harris said on the St. Paul campus of Metropolitan State University.

“There is so much at stake with this seemingly one issue that is actually chock full of issues that should concern us.”

The event wasn’t billed as a campaign event, but Harris repeatedly reminded the audience that “there’s an election in 17 days.” She spoke afterward at a Minneapolis fundraiser for DFL Gov. Tim Walz, who is seeking a second term.

It’s reported that the program also included Attorney General Keith Ellison.

Public safety is a top issue with voters and Democrats are still talking as though abortion is because they have nothing else to talk about. Republicans are focused on crime and economic issues. That is why Democrats are about to get shellacked next month. It’s as simple as that. Voters are angry and frustrated and want to know what is going to be done to reign in the disastrous Biden policies that are sending the U.S. into an abyss.

Since Kamala is a Democrat, don’t hold your breath for a fact-checker to show up and correct her “misinformation” lie about her support of the Minnesota Freedom Fund.


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