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Kamala Called A Liar For Latest Assertion…

( – Vice President Kamala Harris claimed Wednesday that the Biden administration has worked to provide Americans with lower gas and electricity bills despite higher-than-normal energy prices putting a financial crunch on many families. 

“For working families, we have reduced heating and electricity bills so folks have more money in their pockets to buy things like schools supplies, replace the dishwasher or take a family vacation,” she said during a speech on efforts to lower costs for homebuyers at Bowie State University in Maryland. 

Harris’ comments sparked criticism for being out of touch and false.

Rep. Tom Tiffany (R-WI) wrote, “At this point, does Kamala just like lying to the American people or is she really that detached from reality?”

Co-founder of Women for America First Amy Kremer argued Harris is “an idiot for believing what she is saying or for reading what someone wrote…probably both.”

Joe Billie said, “you really need to see our bills. You’re as outta touch as your boss. My heating bills were $200-250 during winter 2017,18,19&20. Now over $375 and it’s a mild winter. Another joke of a VP. A democrat standard.”

In response to Harris’ remarks, the Republican National Committee stated that electricity and gas costs are up. 

“What is she talking about? Electricity is up 11.9%, fuel oil is up 27.7%, and natural gas is up 26.7% over last year,” an RNC tweet read.

In January, President Biden touted a decline in fuel prices after months of record-high prices at the pump. However, he was criticized by Republicans who said families have had to deal with an increase in energy costs since he took office. 

“Gas prices are up $1.03 a gallon from when Joe Biden took office. Biden’s administration continues to undermine American energy,” RNC rapid response director Tommy Pigott tweeted at the time. “Families have lost $2,250 paying higher energy costs since he took office.”

Last month, USA Today reported that the number of households receiving assistance with energy this winter alone increased by roughly 1.3 million, from 4.9 million to 6.2 million, citing policy organization National Energy Assistance Directors Association.

“These numbers don’t even account for possible increases in applications this summer to help families pay for air-conditioning as they deal with rising temperatures due to climate change,” Mark Wolfe, executive director for the National Energy Assistance Directors Association, told USA Today.

Additionally, besides families having a hard time paying energy bills they are also having a hard time paying for essential needs, including food and rent.


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