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Just Another “Peaceful Protest”…

( – After the Supreme Court rendered its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization which overturned Roe v. Wade, pro-abortion advocates and Democrat politicians unleashed their professional protestors in State Capitals across the nation.

It seems some listened, and violence broke out in places like Seattle, DC, Los Angeles, and perhaps somewhat unexpectedly, Phoenix.

The violent mob on Friday against this decision was organized by Planned Parenthood Action Arizona and Radical Women Phoenix. Planned Parenthood tweeted a graphic encouraging activists to “get in good trouble” before the demonstration started.

This all happened while Arizona State Senators were in the building conducting official business. The Gateway Pundit reported that Arizona Senators were evacuated from a vote last night when the left-wing mob became violent.

After rallying across the street, the violent mob formed a massive crowd in front of the Senate building. Thousands of rioters began punching, kicking, and breaching the Arizona Senate doors. One masked thug managed to kick the doors open, endangering all inside of the building.

Shortly after the violence began, Arizona State Police Officers came out in full riot gear scattering the mob at first. However, rioters continued their uncontrollable behavior, taunting officers, even as the officers geared up with gas masks.

Within minutes, tear gas was fired into the mob and the entire area was cleared. Police continued to sweep the area and fire tear gas rounds at the remaining insurrectionists.

Even though the building was not breached, the unrest was enough for Arizona to declare the protest an unlawful assembly.


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