Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Jury Takes No Action Against Armed Hero Who Stopped Church Shooter

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(TheConservativeNews.org) – Last year, Keith Thomas Kinnunen stood up in his pew during Communion in the West Freeway Church of Christ and opened fire. He fatally wounded two members of the congregation before Jack Wilson took him down with a single shot, killing him instantly. Recently, a verdict was passed regarding this case.

On Monday, September 28, a Texas grand jury announced Jack Wilson would not face criminal indictment after he killed an active shooter in his Fort Worth church. 

Wilson is a firearms expert who trained and led the church’s volunteer security team. Had the security volunteer not taken the shot, the civilian death toll would have been far higher.

The court’s finding resonates with the general public opinion that Jack Wilson is a hero; someone we should praise, not punish.

This verdict is a major victory for both the 2A rights and common sense. Had Wilson faced criminal liability, it would’ve set a dangerous precedent for self-defense cases like this. Despite the tragedy that unfolded on that day, those affected can take comfort in knowing justice was ultimately served.

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