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Judge Rules 48-Hour Abortion Wait Is Legal

( – Abortion is one of the most divisive issues facing our society. Most Liberals appear to believe it’s nothing out of the ordinary, a necessary part of healthcare for women who come to need the service. Conservatives, however, particularly those with religious beliefs, view the practice as morally wrong, and laws in Republican-led states tend to reflect this.

One such law in Tennessee requires physicians to make women wait for 48 hours after an initial appointment before performing an abortion. The law intends to prevent women from undergoing terminations on impulse. However, abortion advocates criticize the law as an unnecessary restriction of women’s right to healthcare.

On Thursday, August 5, a federal appeals court upheld this rule on a 9-7 ruling, rejecting the decision of a lower court that it was unlawful. Judge Amul Thapar, appointed by former President Donald Trump, reasoned that it made sense for people to “take time and reflect” before making a major life decision, further opining that abortion was just such a decision. He noted that the Supreme Court had previously upheld a 24-hour waiting period in a similar case.

The court also ruled that Tennessee physicians could continue to provide women seeking abortions with informational materials about the procedure’s safety.

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