Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Judge Announces Governor Cuomo’s Health Department Illegally Withheld True Death Toll

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( – Things are starting to take a negative turn for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D). Until recently, he could do no wrong in the eyes of major media outlets, particularly CNN where his brother, Chris, is a senior analyst. However, revelations about his handling of the COVID-19 crisis have led some of his allies to abandon him.

Judge Rules Against NY Department of Health

Now, it’s no longer just the media. On Wednesday, February 3, a judge ruled that, given the number of people who had died from the virus in nursing homes, his Health Department’s failure to provide a government watchdog was unlawful. 

In August of last year, the Empire Center for Public Policy made a Freedom of Information Law request for this statistic. Cuomo’s health department delayed in its response, claiming the data involved was too complex to compile quickly. The watchdog rejected this assertion and filed a lawsuit against the department.

The actual nursing home death toll is, as yet, unknown; in her ruling, Justice Kimberly O’Connor compelled the department to provide the data within five business days. It should, therefore, be available early next week. The Health Department must also pay the Empire Center’s legal bills.

The Attorney General’s Report

This ruling comes just days after the New York Attorney General filed a report showing that Cuomo’s administration had been drastically underreporting nursing home deaths from COVID-19. When initially publishing this data, they did not include patients who had contracted the virus in care homes and later passed away in hospitals.

While this finding may not personally implicate Cuomo in any wrongdoing, it’s a damning condemnation of his administration’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite introducing draconian restrictions on New York businesses and individuals, Cuomo has failed to keep his citizens safe from the virus. He’s also done his best to mislead them about this fact. 

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