John Durham Probe Likely Won’t Release Conclusions Before 2020 Election

John Durham Probe Likely Won’t Release Conclusions Before 2020 Election

( – An important update in relation to federal prosecutor John Durham’s probe broke over the weekend. On Sunday, September 27, Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo reported that the investigation’s findings are unlikely to go public until after the upcoming election. An interim report will not be available before November 3, and no indictments will be finalized before then.

Originally, Attorney General William Barr directed John Durham to undertake an investigation into the FBI’s handling of the allegations around Russian interference in the 2016 election. However, the scope of the inquiries has widened.

Sources have stated Barr also told Durham to investigate FBI findings in relation to the Clinton Foundation. The latter investigation took place because of suspicions of political corruption within the family’s nonprofit organization.

This report could have repercussions for figures on both sides of the political aisle. Amid mounting negative speculation about the FBI’s Russia probe, these findings could provide confirmation Donald Trump did not act unlawfully during 2016’s election campaign. They could also do further damage to the reputation of the Clintons, who have been vocal backers of Joe Biden’s presidential bid. Unfortunately, it appears these revelations will not come soon enough to inform the votes of the American people on November 3.

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