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Joe Biden’s Planning to Enter Iran Deal as President (REPORT)

( – One of Donald Trump’s most significant moves as president was to exit the Iran nuclear deal in 2018. On Sunday, November 8, an Iranian news agency reported that the country’s president, Hassan Rouhani, called on Joe Biden to return to the deal if he becomes President-elect. 

Judging by Biden’s position on the issue throughout his campaign, it’s a move he might make sooner rather than later if he gets into the White House.

The Iran nuclear deal was signed in 2015. It allowed Iran to continue developing its nuclear program under supervision and with reduced capacity. In turn, it relieved Iran of economic sanctions that had been dragging the country down financially.

However, there were persistent doubts as to whether Iranian officials were obeying the terms of the deal. This is part of the reason why Trump withdrew from the agreement.

While Liberals are likely to cheer Biden’s proposed move, if he officially becomes declared President-elect, not everyone will be happy. Israeli officials consider the Iranian nuclear program the biggest threat to their national security. Therefore, Biden’s proposed re-entry to this deal is likely to encounter strong resistance from the Jewish state.

It’s becoming increasingly probable that Joe Biden will undo as much of Donald Trump’s work as he can, if he gets the opportunity. We can also expect him to re-enter the Paris climate agreement and reinstate the DACA program.

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