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Joe Biden Unveils Plan to Legalize 11,000,000 Immigrants

( – Out of all of Joe Biden’s radical policy propositions, those related to immigration are causing the most disgruntlement among ordinary voters. It appears the incumbent administration is determined to make our border control as relaxed as it possibly can.

On Thursday, February 18, two Congressional Democrats introduced legislation that would create an 8-year path to citizenship for around 11 million illegal immigrants. It would also immediately offer green cards to any non-nationals in America on the TPS or DACA programs, or who are working on farms. 

President Biden has indicated he’s fully in favor of this bill, which means it only needs to pass through both chambers of Congress to become law. According to him, there’s “no justification” for refusing undocumented migrants a “permanent home” in the US.

In spite of all the other issues that currently face our country, immigration reform remains the top priority. As the above tweet asks, who are Joe Biden and the Democrats in Washington, DC really working for?

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