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Joe Biden to Weaponize IRS Against Americans

( – When it comes to fiscal policy, tax and spend is the name of the game for President Joe Biden. On top of his $1.9-trillion COVID-19 relief package, which passed without any Republican support, he also wants to push through a $2.3-trillion infrastructure proposal. Of course, projects like these don’t come cheap.

On Tuesday, April 26, Larry Kudlow discussed Joe Biden’s tax policies on Fox Business. Kudlow lambasted Biden’s approach, asserting that the increased level of taxation he’s aiming for will cripple “blue-collar, middle-class living standards.”

Kudlow pointed first to our capital gains tax, noting no European country, “not even Bernie Sanders’ beloved Sweden,” has a rate as high as ours. He also looked at one of Biden’s pet projects, a proposed $80-billion investment in the IRS to “beef up… audits of high earners.”

Taking billions out of the economy to fund frivolous spending like this is not a recipe for success. At a time when America is already suffering from the pandemic, Joe Biden would be much better off keeping his hand out of federal coffers.

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