Joe Biden Silent on Whether He Will Pack Supreme Court

Joe Biden Silent on Whether He Will Pack Supreme Court

( – During a conversation with a local TV station from Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Monday, September 21, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden failed to reveal his intentions regarding packing the Supreme Court. In light of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death last Friday, voters want to know what to expect.

Several Democrats have suggested adding more Supreme Court Justice positions if Donald Trump nominates Ginsburg’s replacement before November’s election. Acknowledging the idea as “legitimate,” Biden refused to offer a definitive opinion on Supreme Court packing as he said it would shift the focus of the discussion in Donald Trump’s favor.

There’s been a debate around packing the Supreme Court for some time. Its proponents claim that an even number of judges (there are currently nine) would allow for greater ideological balance. Detractors argue it would set a dangerous precedent in terms of the violation of the separation of powers. Joe Biden has repeatedly stated his opposition to the stacking of the Supreme Court.

This incident is yet another example of Biden’s reluctance to take a decisive stance on an important issue. It’s quickly becoming clear that the strategy of his presidential campaign is to bash Trump, while avoiding taking positions of his own, in the hope of winning by default. 

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