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Joe Biden Exposed on Fracking

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Fracking has long been a divisive issue in America. Environmentalists have protested against it for years on account of its carbon footprint and the perceived damage it causes to surrounding landscapes and wildlife. Those in the energy industry, on the other hand, look at it as a necessary evil; without fracking, they say, America could not continue to function.

Joe Biden’s Questionable Position on Fracking

In a bid to pacify the Left’s huge contingent of eco-warriors, Joe Biden has promised various fracking reforms. He’s stated his support for a ban on fracking on federal lands and waters as a first step toward abandoning the practice altogether. Unfortunately for him, industry insiders have attacked his proposals. 

On Tuesday, October 27, former Shell Oil president John Hofmeister outlined the flaws in Biden’s idea during an interview with Maria Bartiromo. Referring to the fact fracking has been central to the energy industry for 60 years, Hofmeister said the proposed restrictions would devastate the economy and cause massive unemployment. He also accused Biden of relying on his team’s talking points and knowing little about the issue himself.

Does Joe Biden Know What Joe Biden’s Fracking Plan Is?

Hofmeister is not the first person to call attention to Joe Biden’s fracking policy. President Trump highlighted the issue during the pair’s most recent debate, inciting Biden to vehemently claim he never opposed fracking. However, there’s a wealth of video evidence showing this is a lie.

The question of fracking forms is part of a larger issue the Biden campaign has regarding environmental policies. The Democrat candidate is trying (and failing, thus far) to toe an acceptable line between economic and environmental interests. He knows the Green New Deal is too radical to play well with the general population. However, he’s afraid to deviate too far from it for fear of upsetting environmental activists, a key Liberal demographic.

The truth is, Biden’s team has no workable environmental policy. It’s becoming increasingly obvious they simply want to deal with these issues as vaguely as possible to avoid alienating any of their voter base.

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