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Joe Biden Briefed on Deadly Attack

( – Tragedy struck Waukesha, WI, on November 21 just as spectators were crowding onto Main Street to view the Christmas parade. Many residents had gathered to witness the festive attraction. No one was prepared for what they saw instead — an attack so deadly that even President Joe Biden has been briefed on current details.

It was Sunday evening, and it seemed like the entire town had turned out to celebrate the upcoming holiday season and watch the Christmas parade. Angelito Tenorio, who had been campaigning for his bid at Wisconsin’s State Treasurer seat, just finished marching his route when a horrific scene unfolded before him. He could hear music and then the sound of a motor revving as it accelerated toward unsuspecting onlookers. There were audible thuds, and people began screaming and fleeing in all directions as an SUV plowed into the crowd of bystanders.

When the crowd cleared, mangled and lifeless bodies covered the street.

Authorities later discovered that the suspect, Darrell E. Brooks, had been fleeing a domestic disturbance incident prior to encountering the festive partakers. Brooks is now in custody and being charged with a minimum of five intentional homicide charges and possibly additional charges.

President Biden, who had been briefed on the parade incident, addressed the people of Waukesha. He called it a “horrific act of violence” and offered prayers to members of the community. He went on to praise the first responders, law enforcement and emergency room personnel and assured everyone that his administration would be keeping a close eye on the situation.

A candlelight vigil was held for the more than forty-eight people who suffered injuries and five who lost their lives that fatal weekend. This ordeal has impacted many families, and their lives have changed forever, but the community can rest just a bit easier knowing this criminal is off the streets.

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