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Iran Nuclear Agreement – “It’s Not Going Well”

( Sullivan, National Security Advisor to President Joe Biden said, “It’s not going well,”  when speaking about efforts to bring Iran back in line with its nuclear agreement of 2015. 

Sullivan explained, “We do not yet have a pathway back into the JCPOA.” (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action)

The Iran nuclear talks have been going on for months now, and despite some progress over the last few days there is still no concrete resolution in sight.

“Getting that program back into a box through a return to mutual compliance with the JCPOA has proven more difficult through the course of this year than we would have liked to see,” Sullivan said.

Iran has refused to engage in direct talks with the U.S., and it looks like they might be trying a different strategy altogether- refusing agreements until after sanctions are revoked.  

The time for negotiations are running out, France, Germany, the U.K and the U.S. have repeatedly warned over the last several weeks.

Former U.S national security officials, lawmakers and diplomats have launched a public campaign to pressure the Biden administration into threatening Iran. A statement published by the Washington Institute, a militarist think tank recommends that the Biden administration should, “take steps that lead Iran to believe that persisting in its current behavior and rejecting a reasonable diplomatic resolution will put to risk its entire nuclear infrastructure, one built painstakingly over the last three decades.” They go on to suggest that President Biden  should consider, “orchestrating high-profile military exercises by the U.S. Central Command, potentially in concert with allies and partners, that simulate what would be involved in such a significant operation, including rehearsing air-to-ground attacks on hardened targets and the suppression of Iranian missile batteries.”

Trita Parsi, the executive vice president of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft stated, “The Iranians are hesitating largely because they do not believe that the economic benefits the U.S. promises will be forthcoming. No amount of military threats will change that fundamental weakness in the U.S. negotiating position.”


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