Ilhan Omar Claims, Without Proof, That Trump’s Attacks Have Caused DEATH Threats Against Her

Ilhan Omar Claims, Without Proof, That Trump's Attacks Have Caused DEATH Threats Against Her

( – One of the defining characteristics of discourse on the left side of politics over the last few years has been contributing to the hysteria about President Donald Trump. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has consistently been one of the worst offenders in this regard.

On Sunday, October 18, Omar claimed Trump’s public statements have led people to make threats against her life during an interview on MSNBC. Rep. Omar was responding to remarks the president made about her on the campaign trail in Michigan. She also said she loved America more than Trump, and that the president was “destroying… everything [America] stands for.” 

Omar made no attempt to verify her claim she had received death threats. She also failed to offer a credible explanation of how President Trump might be to blame for them if they did happen.

For someone as vocal as she is about Donald Trump, Omar’s background raises a lot of questions. Late last month, she was implicated in a major ballot harvesting scandal in Minnesota, which targeted elderly members of the Somali community.

Baseless accusations against Donald Trump from Democrats are, sadly, commonplace at this time. We can only hope the voters of Minnesota (a key battleground state) come to see Omar’s overblown, misleading rhetoric for what it is.

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