Ilhan Omar Celebrates as Trump Gets COVID-19

Ilhan Omar Celebrates as Trump Gets COVID-19

( – After Donald Trump received a COVID-19 diagnosis last week, most other political figures (including many of his opponents in the Democrat party) were quick to wish him well. Regrettably, this wasn’t true of everyone. On Friday, October 2, just hours after the news broke, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) launched an attack on the president.

Her statement targeted President Trump’s approach to the pandemic, claiming his administration had ignored science and public health advice. She also admonished him for holding a rally in her native Minneapolis, stating it could have exposed hundreds of people to infection.

Despite the fierceness with which she denounces President Trump, Ilhan Omar is no stranger to controversy herself. Just last week, undercover investigators published their discovery of a ballot harvesting racket in Minneapolis with potential links to the 38-year-old Representative.

Disagreeing across party lines is nothing new. However, when our elected representatives are so caught up in their partisan interests that they vilify the president during a potentially serious illness, something’s clearly wrong. Omar’s outburst is another indication of how divided and toxic our political system has become.

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