Hundreds of Sheriffs Sign Letter to Joe Biden

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( – Despite the early reluctance on the part of the Biden administration to acknowledge it as such, the situation on our southern border has escalated into a catastrophe. An average of 500 unaccompanied children are crossing the border each day, and detention facilities have been struggling to accommodate them for weeks.

America’s Sheriffs Push Back

On Wednesday, April 7, 275 sheriffs from across America sent a letter to President Joe Biden appealing to him to reconsider his administration’s border policies. The letter cites the “criminal side effects” of the uptick in migration that has followed Biden’s inauguration. It expresses particular concern about “gangs, guns, dangerous drugs and human trafficking.”

Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, of Bristol County, Massachusetts, one of the leaders of this effort, appeared on Fox & Friends on Thursday, April 8. He stated that the points in the letter had been made to President Biden “several times.” He went on to accuse the president of putting politics “before the safety and security of the people of this nation.”

Worrying Times

These sheriffs aren’t the first voices to warn that the current situation on the border is spiraling out of control. A number of Republican representatives have called attention to the crisis in the media and elsewhere.

Last month, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) gave an interview on ABC during which he said the crisis would only get worse. He predicted one million people would attempt to cross the border illegally “by the summertime.”

No Longer a Matter of Right & Left

It should be noted that the letter’s authors showed no partisanship when criticizing Joe Biden. They held up the administrations of both Barack Obama and Donald Trump as examples of approaches that “recognized the threats and dangers presented by illegal immigration.” Clearly, this issue is no longer a political one; Americans just want to feel safe.

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