Tuesday, February 7, 2023

House Raid in Texas Leads to Arrests of 100 Migrants

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(TheConservativeNews.org) – Federal immigration agents and local police teamed up to interrupt a human smuggling operation in Roma, TX, on Tuesday, November 10. The result is over 100 illegal immigrants and a safer America.

Officers found 98 illegal aliens in two “stash houses” in the area. They also apprehended four more illegal immigrants through motor vehicle checks.

Reports from the crime scenes reveal migrants were kept in very poor conditions. They were locked in buildings with poor ventilation in temperatures over 90 degrees. Some of them presented with flu-like symptoms, though it’s not clear whether they were carrying COVID-19.

While this bust is to be celebrated, it also forces us to consider those who slip through the cracks. Texas has a major problem with illegal immigration. Even immigrants who have made the trip legally are beginning to protest against the ease with which undocumented aliens can enter the state.

Discussions about immigration tend to get politically charged very quickly. Stories like this illustrate that human smuggling activities are just as dangerous for the immigrants themselves as they are for the United States.

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