Hillary Clinton Requests Filibuster to Be Lifted

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(TheConservativeNews.org) – The filibuster never fails to cause heated debate in Washington, DC. Its detractors say it allows minority parties to clog up the legislative process, while its proponents claim it is vital to ensuring no single party is allowed to exercise too much influence. As one might expect, party positions on the topic change depending on who holds power in the Senate.

Clinton Weighs In

The latest political figure to make their voice heard in this debate was none other than former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. On Thursday, April 1, in an interview that hit the airwaves, Clinton shared her view that the filibuster should be removed for votes on constitutional issues, like voting rights.

The former First Lady, Secretary of State, and US Senator for New York spoke on Jennifer Palmieri’s podcast, “Just Something About Her.” Palmieri was director of communications for Clinton’s unsuccessful 2016 presidential campaign. 

What’s Likely to Happen?

There is Democratic support for the removal of the filibuster. President Joe Biden has stated he has an “open mind” regarding proposals about limiting it to “certain things that are just elemental to the functioning of our democracy.” Even the moderate Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) recently indicated he might consider filibuster reform, a departure from his previous position on the idea.

However, a legislative attempt to remove or change it would almost certainly go without any Republican support. Through a process known as “reform by ruling,” a Senator could succeed in reversing a given part of the law around the filibuster by setting a new Senate precedent. This is a somewhat complicated procedure, but it can work; it was successfully used to alter voting rules in both 2013 and 2017.

As long as the current balance of power in the Senate remains, this debate about removing the filibuster is likely to continue. Conservative voters are unlikely to favor the total Democratic dominance that would come with its removal now, especially given the radical policy positions many senior party figures currently support.

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